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Australian made coffee/nut roaster designed for in-store roasting of between 1-3kg per batch of coffee. Conversion of green beans to roasted is 15 minutes (12kg per hour ).
Features include stainless steel construction, gas heating, very compact unit as the cooling and chaff collection have been incorporated into the roaster which eliminates the need
for an external chaff collecting system,
afterburners compatible with all makes and models of coffee roasters

The air control system ensures rapid cool down times halting the roasting process as
the coffee is discharged from roasting drum System allows continuous roasting and cooling. Easy access to all compartments
for cleaning and servicing reducing
maintenance time.

Ideal for the small wholesale supply business
or two in one business, great marketing, sensory presentation.

Larger units can be manufacutured to customer's requirement.

Condition: New
Price Ranging From $18,000.00
Location : Australia
Ref: S914256

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